MarkBrand Offers

Earn, learn and discover more through membership in sellersXchange.

  1. Earn additional ShareSavings by posting on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn*

  2. Learn about branding. Your life, your story, your style, your BrandOffer.

  3. Discover your ‘secret sauce’. Learn to perform to your stage, which pays and promotes you.

  4. Convert ShareSavings to valuable lifestyle services, or convert them into cash.

* sellersXchange reward posts and tweets on specific topics (#hashtags).
sellersXchange memberships include:
Brand (audit)
Business (coach)
Menu (design)
Recipe (development)
Standard monthly due
$  9
/ month
$ 300
/ month
/ month
Guaranteed ShareSavings*
10% off 20% off 30% off
ShareSavings paid monthly**
10 150 2,250
Membership purchase price
$ 50  $5,000 $50,000
*Minimum savings, plus one dollar off per ShareSaving expended.
**Allocated to the member’s account upon receipt of monthly membership due.

Now, a few words from Mark:

Q: Can you seriously offer branding for $9 a month?

A: Our business model is modeled on the Strategic Alternative Market Policy Organization (sampo). We redefine what’s possible everyday, 🙂

Q: What is the Champion individual membership and how does it help me / my brand?

A: The Champion Entry Brand Coach is our entry level membership, intended for individuals. However, all our memberships include the same Earn, Learn and Discover elements.

Q: What does each service fund, and what does it include?

  1. Objective, exterior perspective on you / your life / brand. I.e., who experiences you, and how. BRAND AUDIT | Your Consultant
  2. Ongoing real-time, real-world calls about you / your brand / your progress. DISCOVERY COACH | MarkBrand Group
  3. Intelligent, creatively deployed media which gets your points across to your intended audience, quickly and easily. MENU SERVICE consulting + creative | sellersXchange
  4. Long-term rewards in branding are produced through highly systematized internal procedures that can consistently produce great products, value and service. RECIPE CUISINE licensing systems consulting | sampo reinvestment

Q: There are three things you deliver through four core services?

A: Correct, there are four main services included through sellersXchange membership, all contribute to your overall earn, learn and discover experience. Thousands are options are possible, it’s just these are the ones we’ve noticed make the greatest difference to clients over both the short and longer terms. They’re also the ones we share the greatest experience with within our trusted group and deliver as simply and easily as possible, which is important because everyone has limited time.

Q: What if I just want one service, a saying or a logo, say?

A: There are three possibilities. 1. You really honestly do need just one service. 2. You are operating under the illusion that branding is a on-off activity, rather than an on-going effort. 3. You’re shopping on price. We haven’t met the first, we respectfully decline the second and we ask the third to read this whole article before deciding.

Q: Can you tell me who your members are?

A: Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We’re pretty transparent!

Please complete the form below to find out what membership can mean for your brand today:

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