Description: EMERALD CITY BUILDER Your motto is: Knowledge is key. Strengths: Systematic, Analytical, Objective, Thorough, Accurate, Professional, Disciplined Challenges: Detail Oriented, Risk adverse, Perfectionist, Methodical, Complying You are very consistent, relaxed and observant. Your strengths are being thorough and accurate. You approach all tasks in a systematic and objective fashion. You are a detailed-oriented thinker. […]


Description: ORANGE BRIDGE DESIGNER Your motto is: Seize the day! Strengths: Enthusiastic, Creative, Spontaneous, Dynamic, Expressive, Sociable, Intuitive Challenges: Lacks Follow through, Impulsive, Can Miss Details, Not a Strong Planner, Emotional You like to live in the moment. People see you as being openly assertive, expressive and enthusiastic about your thoughts, ideas and passions. You […]


Description: BLUE HILLS ENGINEER Your motto is: I Care. Strengths: Team Player, Sensitive, Flexible, Patient, Collaborative, Amiable, Steady, Feeling Challenges: Non-Confrontational, Compliant, Emotional, Overly Sensitive You are highly emotive and people see you as being kind and considerate. You are a relationship builder—being good at developing and maintaining relationships. Being able to connect with others on […]


Description: GOLDEN PYRAMID ARCHITECT Your motto is: Be prepared. Strengths: Authoritative, Director, Independent, Initiator, Visionary, Strategic, Ambitious Challenges: Autocratic, Dominant, Insensitive, Impatient, Difficulty listening You are highly assertive and people see you as a doer and a leader. You are comfortable in a director role and conducting the work of others. You also enjoy being […]

PEAK Process Roles

When working on a group project, it is important to have different process roles on your team. Each is crucial in getting a task done. Some people are better at leading and seeing the big picture while others are better working with the details and ensuring tasks get done. Some people are better at building strong committed relationships within the team while others are better at rallying people into action. We have a stronger product in the end when we have varying perspectives at the table.

Perspective Diagram

What’s ‘your’ PEAK solution?

By knowing and understanding Physical Energy Activity Key Solution you and your co-workers will have a HUGE leg-up in gelling a consistently effective, attractive and productive easier time of it with each other. You may even make new friends.!