5 Essential Email Etiquette Habits: Write Smart Email

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I’ve been writing a lot about Time Management and The 7 Habits of Hight ly Effective People lately. But, based on a few email I’ve recently received I had the idea to share 5 Essential Email Etiquette Habits: How To Write Smart Email.

1. Care About The Reputation You Are Building

Seriously – every time you hit send you are only seconds away from making a personal and professional impression. Every Single Time! So, what impression do you want?

  • Respectful, professional, on-point, knowledgeable… or
  • Bossy, wastes my time, long-winded, confusing?

You choose – but the next 4 Essential Email Etiquette Habits will help you write smart email and will help you stay in the respectful, professional, on-point and knowledgeable space.

2. Use The Email Subject Line Wisely

Two weeks ago someone sent me an email message about Time Management training. The subject line was ‘Today.’  I have no…

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