Licensing your brand

Re: Business Development Opportunity, Your Brand

Dear Business Owner:

We work in ‘the art and science of branding the extraordinary’. Since you’ve found us, I feel your brand may be exactly that: extraordinary. With a few creative acts there isn’t a single reason you may not turn it to amazing advantage, through effective brand management.

This process will do three things:

  1. Help you attract, engage and retain top talent (and top clients)—on an ongoing basis;
  2. Enhance the appearance of your systems throughout the business making it easier to find your brand, and to run it as well;
  3. Create a direct path towards licensing (and/or franchising) potentially repaying the significant investment of time and money you have made in your business, while earning an excellent profit on it.

Here’s how it can work for you.

We become a partner in your brand success, while you become a partner in ours.

  1. We begin by working closely with you for an initially intensive ‘development period’. During this time we invest significantly in your business through time and expertise (from 6-20 hours a week). This phase may run from two to five months, depending on your requirements.
  2. Next, we enter a ‘growth phase’ at which time our direct time in your business reduces somewhat to a maintenance phase, consisting of regular coaching and/or quarterly business and marketing inputs (2-12 hours monthly). During this phase your financial results will enter a higher yield phase.
  3. After a sustained period of financial success (from 8-30 months + ongoing) we can then enter our third and final ‘marketing phase’ when your business is packaged for resale and/or licensing. We actively work to develop business opportunities during this period, again increasing our time commitment (about 6-60 hours a week).

Our business offer is straightforward and easy to grasp:

  • We work as your partner on an on-going basis to prepare, shift and adapt the business to make it easier to sell, license or franchise (this includes increasing sales and/or margins, improving staff relations & increasing turnover to significantly improve the bottom line). We do this through a combination of creative + consulting services and expert business coaching;
  • You pay us through a one-time purchase to our marketing collaborative, in addition to a minimal monthly maintenance amount.
  • Upon outright sale of the business, or sale of any licensing and/or franchise of or through it, the collaborative is paid 30% of the purchase amount.
  • Your shares in the collaborative are retained up to the cash amount you initially invest; these may be liquidated (cashed out) upon the sale of your business.

We’re eager for your feedback, comments and input. If you’re interested we’d like you to get started right away in finding out what’s needed. May I suggest you click MarkBrand Offers.


MarkBrand Edmonton Alberta Canada

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