Edmonton Brand Elevator, Crossroad of Retail

Interior shot at Simons new West Edmonton Store, Edmonton Alberta CANADA

Interior shot at Simons new West Edmonton Store, Edmonton Alberta CANADA

The recent opening of Simons’ $30 million, 115,000 square foot West Edmonton Mall store is yet another example of a leading brand from another market opening their first store in Edmonton, Alberta. Simons is a fashion-forward ‘junior’ Department Store. The new West Edmonton store is its first outside of Quebec. With all the places it could have opened in, it chose Edmonton. Why?

Unique opportunity: Edmonton Alberta Canada is a prime market for retail brands with three very special qualities:

  1. Typical: The Edmonton market has a similar mentality to many Canadian and American cities—so much so that many large chains place their first store outside their initial market in Edmonton. It’s considered a good test. “If you make it big in Edmonton, you’ll make it everywhere.”
  2. Growing: Edmonton at or near the top of population growth for major North American cities.
  3. Strong Demand: Edmontonians are strong retail shoppers with higher than average disposable incomes and a propensity for purchasing from a retail environment.

The combination of these factors, make Edmonton a very special retail market. It is an ideal place to develop new retail brands and an excellent place from which to launch successful retail chains.

Some of the retail success stories originating in Edmonton include:

  • Booster Juice
  • Cash Store
  • Liquor Barn & Liquor Depot
  • Planet Organic Markets
  • Boston Pizza
  • Cookies By George
  • Lube X
  • Smitty’s
  • Cash N Go ATM
  • Earl’s
  • Pizza 73
  • XS Cargo

Edmonton is a very special market in all of North America. It is a strong and representative mainstream market that is a great ‘test bed’ for new concepts with broad appeal.

West Edmonton Mall

There’s a reason the largest mall in North America is located in Edmonton, according to Bryce Winter.

What’s next: global success

Translating local success to a larger market requires special skills and high-level knowledge of how brands works on many levels including global market trends and brand psychology. While many Edmonton brands make it beyond regional borders, few have made it on an international level. That is where MarkBrand, and its globally experienced Brand Media Director, Bryce Winter step in.

This brand narrator employs a multidimensional approach including consulting on design, brand dialog, light, color and event activities in weaving high level business success into a brand’s DNA.

Winter is a retail maven with high level experience in store design and merchandising including with several top-100 global brands. He considers every key component in his practice, from environment to design, merchandise and placement, brand focus and alignment, staffing systems, engagement, as well as community, price and positioning.

Winter describes himself as a Brand Recipe & Marketing Menu Whiz as well as a Group Exercise Coach. He describes his work on Architectonics.ca as described as Archetype Central for Brands and Branding.

Begin today

Whether you’re in Edmonton or not, you can begin a relationship with global success, by becoming a member of the MarkBrand Group today.

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