Connecting Technology with Opportunity. What’s next on the IT horizon.

What (or who) are the opportunities in IT today?

While it’s clear the world is in a period of incredible change–including society, economies and climatic, you wouldn’t know it from the Information Technology world, which is basically showing no particular indications of change. There aren’t any really exciting announcements from any major player of something new coming. There really hasn’t been for some time–and no, I can’t call the iPhone 5 something new. Sorry iFolk. Oh and Microsoft, unless you have a killer app for Windows 8 hidden under your coat, don’t ask me either. A bigger screen and couple new bells isn’t new–it’s planned for obsolescence. Didn’t any of you live through part of the Twentieth Century? Sheesh. But I digress.

The point is there’s nothing really majorly new apparently in the pipelines, even though (and this is the kicker) technology and change have never been more and better aligned to developing a truly (r)evolutionarily breakthrough product, new category, or functional improvement.

Opportunities are still enormous!

For instance, more and more people (everywhere!) are interconnected through mobile devices, providing an extraordinary quantifiable platform of prospective customers. These run the gamut from developing-world moms making pennies an hour on peacework in major cities to big city professionals throughout the old and new world–as well as Asia. Possibly since the opportunities appeal so boggling many companies get bogged down within their current “category” of business (including their blinding paradigms) and forget to see FIRST from a MARKET PERSPECTIVE. (i.e. Business School 101).

Instead of thinking ‘hardware’, ‘software’, and further down, ‘wireless devices’, and ‘apps’, they really should be thinking media and medium–and how to better serve linking both. To understand this deeply and fully, you’d probably have to be a cross between Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and Richard Branson (with a liberal dose of Conrad Black). Still, we can speculate, and when we do, we see a whole new kind of future using and a collaborative range of INTELLIGENT IT devices which work together in providing us (people!) with a seamlessly personalized experience of liaising with the world while providing us with ample opportunity to manifest our greatest and most abundant good!


Think of a ‘community of devices’..

What would (will) they need to survive (and thrive)?

  • Language to communicate with us by
  • Language to communicate with each other by (some sort of ‘universal API’)
  • Intelligence to provide good and reliable service (like a concierge won’t ask unless there’s no other way to know)
  • Secure and private interweb, which transacts business, commerce and society; without annoyance or pilfering.

In other words:

A solid media and a great medium (or vice versa, if you prefer).

Imagine when film, radio, or television was new. What impact(s) could you have foreseen in today’s uses of these media?

What Concrete Opportunities Abound?

Let’s examine a handful of corporate possibilities, just as ‘for instance’:

First off, let’s assume (just for fun) that these companies decide to collaborate rather than be totally cut-throat..which might be your first guess. But no, let’s say they decide to use their heads, and hearts as well in what comes next..

New Media Company

Collaborative Model:

The new company will be headed by a group of Brand CEOs

  • each is a partner (and CEO) in the new company with an equal equity stake, a vote and a say
  • each responsible for an exclusive department / portfolio in the new company
  • chair finalizes decisions on matters when the group is unable to reach consensus or are wanting to go outside the vision and values of the collected company


The company’s three key objectives are:

  1. To develop and distribute new media to clients aligned with its vision and values.
  2. Develop and execute a highly profitable sales model.
  3. Identify, train and certify additional Brand CEOs.

Other Key Factors:

  • Disruptive game media platform-it is vital that the new media disrupts in a positive way; making it a game-like enterprise secure media will knock much competition aside
  • The company produces world-class media as well as marketing strategy which elevates the status of each partner and his or her own business and prospects within the world; it’s essential that participants produce a higher quality of branding, as well as return on investment, than they could reasonably expect to achieve on their own.

Objectives of the New Media:

Easily facilitate live face to face conversations. Social media can integrate lifestyle conversations into real connections of love, friendship and business that provide benefits far beyond the initial conversation. Connective relationship technology, such as Facebook serves a vital purpose in the new media, although the connections become both faster and deeper. Possible partners:

  • Facebook / FourSquare

Provide ready and adaptable corporate structure and a flexible backbone to businesses. Companies and individuals may operate corporate functions remotely through secured custom template systems developed by the players themselves. Financial Integration between accounting and banking, permitting ‘live spreadsheet’ feature sharing in secure groups. This permits the development of common security savings accounts and other financial possibilities not easily handled through any current media or retail channel. Possible partners:

Integrate a service plan and a commission reward structure. Moving ahead more and more players see themselves as individual operators with the opportunity to run a business. Let’s make it easier to integrate banking, payments, and overhead costs with proven elements such as micro-loans and secure networking. Possible partners:

  • Bell / Blackberry

Dozens more examples and opportunities are waiting. They literally abound.

Some additional potential partners:

  • Microsoft / Motorola / Google / Android / IBM / Lotus / Seagate / Hewlett Packard

QUESTION for the reader: What would you love to see Large Brand Partnerships produce, and how might they participate in a brand new form of media?

Public link to related PDF file: 15-1403-11 sXc.bismap

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