Unimatrix, Innovation for Every Woman (and Man too)


Public link to PDF file: 1410-0908 unimatrix C

The Unimatrix is a unique harmonic structure designed to power enterprises of all sizes, from the one (wo)man shop, on up.

With today’s entry, MarkBrand Media Group continues in its commitment of bringing this extraordinary, powerful community sharing system to a world-wide audience by publishing, for the first time, images of the five key controller modes.

Women and men of influence, such as entrepreneurs, business people and networkers may use the simple, but rich interface to perform all manner of social connections, produce and prove templates, macros and saleable programs based on their own ‘IP’.

The X8 Unimatrix is a natural leveller and the first product of its kind in the world.

Feature Benefit
Quadralinear Processing System seeks four perspectives on any situation, providing real insight and flexibility to players
Universal structure Learning curve is dramatically reduced since the one program can be used to organize literally anything from objects to projects, brands and even people.
Fuzzy-logic matching system Proprietary fuzzy-logic matching system works like human intelligence to instantly pinpoint most accurate results, given your current context, and your historical preferences, 100% of the time. End redundant searches!
Architectonic design System is actually a building system you have complete control over, meaning you have control over your own architecture, engineering, designs and building. Consider this in application to your business commerce, data and connections.
Rapid Input This system is designed from the human perspective first, which means the controls are organized to require fewer inputs by retaining more understanding of your on-going preferences. Desktop and wireless versions operate interdependently and yet consume the common advantage of an interface developed with speed and ease of use first and foremost!
Ergonomic Controls are actually organized around the way your fingers and eyes operate—and link to your memory.
Database At its heart the X8 unimatrix is an enterprise powerful database designed to facilitate end-users (players) producing scalable, simple to complex applications.

Interested in learning more, including why MarkBrand is publishing these specifications? X8 Enterprise Architecture homepage.

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