It’s All About Mindspace: Brands Emote Promises Connecting to Category

When marketers say a brand is a promise, what they’re really saying is that brands connect emotion with a need to a solution.

Therefore, determining Emotion is one part of the promise—and connecting it with a Category—or Niche (solution), is the second;

Branding welds it all together.

X8 is a revolutionary technology map that actually maps physical and emotional requirements to categories—producing directions to match optimal branded solutions to virtually any possible human requirement.

Developing an understanding for the potential of X8 does not occur instantaneously, nor is the product developed along a linear path. (X8 has a 50+ year projected lifecycle.) Results produced through the use of X8-related technologies are non-linear and may prove to be counter-intuitive!

This is why MarkBrand Media Group has developed a handful of consulting solutions designed to aid in producing understanding, clarity and immediate value for clients and partners alike.

Foremost among these proven, tested, and well-researched products are:

  1. Brand CEO Coach program—a personal, one-on-one approach that develops emotional connection while introducing key concepts such as Process Roles to the organization at the top-most levels.
  2. PEAK Solution Mastermind Process—a facilitated mastermind process of ’20 questions’ specifically developed, tested and proven to produce organizational consensus-built results more efficiently and faster than by alternate means (usually in a day, or less).
  3. BISMAP—the Brand Integrated Strategy Market Action Plan is a two-part consulting report consisting of 8 sections each, which together present the universal structure for organizing enterprise that is developed in totality throughout the X8 system.

1403-11 #7

Public link to PDF file: 15-1403-11 sXc.bismap

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