Residual Sales System

Synopsis: The sellersXchange system is applicable in all transactions, which require a seller to agree in advance to an on-going residual payment for goods or services which at the time of agreement have not been delivered and whose benefit is either incalculable or cannot be precisely estimated. Examples include utility company payments, cel phone service plans, management contracts and financial instruments or any other branded product or service.

Link (public): 15-1410 Residual Sales System (pdf)

An effective residual sales system is as close to a perpetual motion machine as we get!

14 page document in four parts and 16 major sections:

Introduction: The rewards of residual sales—those that produce an on-going income—are exceptional; a residual sale may provide exponentially greater volume and impact over time, when compared to a direct sale. To aid in the development of these highly lucrative, rewarding and yet challenging transactions, MarkBrand has developed the sellersXchange. This model successfully orders all required elements in a single model that is at once understandable and effective.
This specific and detailed document written in everyday business language provides an exact prescription valuable to anyone involved in the production of residual sales. In addition to an introduction and one page outline, there is a film study example available to learn certain basic concepts, as well as a one page synopsis form where the reader may complete his or her own examples.
1410 is part of MONDEX8 enterprise architecture.

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