Your motto is: Seize the day!

Strengths: Enthusiastic, Creative, Spontaneous, Dynamic, Expressive, Sociable, Intuitive

Challenges: Lacks Follow through, Impulsive, Can Miss Details, Not a Strong Planner, Emotional

You like to live in the moment. People see you as being openly assertive, expressive and enthusiastic about your thoughts, ideas and passions. You are an outgoing, popular and cheerful person. You are also very confident and enjoy being in the spotlight—out where the action is. Many great entertainers are found under this role. Your strength is being a dynamic go-getter—optimistic, even-tempered and fun loving. You are a very social person and can be the life of the party. You are a natural salesperson and are good at engaging groups, spurring people into action. You love the personal touch. You are available and flexible.

You are able to make quick decisions and live with whatever the consequences may be. You are very creative and spontaneous, coming up with new and innovative ideas for projects at a moment’s notice. You have a very active and intuitive mind. You are constantly seeking out new and exciting experiences. You are afraid that you will miss out on what life may have to offer. You enjoy exploring all your senses in the here and now. Your life revolves around a pattern of action, impact and influence. Integrity to you means being ready and present in the moment. You are not comfortable with structure, tradition or detailed work. You enjoy variety and a fast paced life.

In working with others, you may seem day dreamy to the point of not accomplishing anything and impulsive, acting on whims in an unpredictable fashion. You have a lot of energy, but can have a problem finding a way to direct that energy at times. Sometimes, people can view you as being very impulsive and having poor follow through on projects. You are the person with the great ideas, but you can demonstrate poor planning skills. You hate being bogged down by all those darn details.

Active Archetypes:


Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson British Royal Family
Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Dan Quayle Political Figures
Marie Antoinette, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pablo Picasso, Ulysses S. Grant Historical Figures
Donald Trump Entrepreneurs
Jack Nicholson, Burt Reynolds, Tom Cruise, John Travolta Actors
Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Goldie Hawn Actresses
Madonna, Elvis Presley, Eddie Murphy Entertainers
Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood Filmmakers
Jimmy Conners, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan Athletes
Arsenio Hall, Kathy Lee Gifford TV Personalities
Ernest Hemingway Authors

Television Characters:

Gabrielle Solis Desperate Housewives
Phoebe Buffay & Joey Tribbiani Friends
William Riker Star Trek: The Next Generation
Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City

Movie Characters:

Hans Solo Star Wars
The Cowardly Lion The Wizard of Oz
Rhett Butler Gone with the Wind
Parker & Brett Alien

Book Characters:

Merry Brandybuck & Pippin Took The Lord of the Rings
Tigger Winnie The Pooh

Cartoon Characters:

Snoopy Peanuts
Homer Simpson & Bart Simpson The Simpsons

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