What’s ‘your’ PEAK solution?


The PEAK Solution offers a powerful and distinct way to look at how we make decisions.

This informs our personal brand and well as who best we can, and should work with (and how to work with everyone effectively).

By knowing and understanding your own Physical Energy Activity Key Solution you and your co-workers will have a HUGE leg-up in gelling a consistently more effective, attractive and productive time  with each other. You may even make new friends! That is simply because we understand the things our co-workers need to hear from us, and see, as well as what they don’t. (And they learn that about us). In other words, we learn an easy-to-access quick shortcut way to communicate with each other effectively!

PEAK Solution and PEAK Self Analysis are NOT personality testing! That’s why they’re so unique. How you work with others has little to do with personality and all to do with perspective. The PEAK Solution self test quickly ascertains which one of four main decision-making roles you fall into. Once you know this information, things really start to get interesting!

The key benefit of PEAK is the insight it offers into how we work best with others. Due to the fact there are only four solutions, your working relationship with any other individual is likely only of of four key dynamics in this perspective. What’s interesting is that each of these relationships is quite unique, and you need to know how to work with them to get the best results (combined with the least frustration possible!) out of your team.

At top is a perspective diagram showing the inter-relationship of the four process roles.

Note that each of the four process roles is associated with one of the key branding functions (Mission, Values, Vision, Purpose/Tactics).

Likewise, each is associated with a color (displayed on the individual process role cards illustrated under the main graphic).

  • Powerful PHYSICAL = Mission = Gold (or Red)
  • Empathic ENERGY = Values = Blue
  • Active ACTIVITY = Vision = Orange
  • Key KRUSHESIT = Purpose/Results = Green

Following through on this you will discover that all four process roles are indispensable in completing a project of any major size, and therefore you will see yourself from time to time in each of the four roles.

While you may not agree with all perspectives at all  times, understanding where your team members are coming from in their process role / view (not to mention where YOU are coming from!) is extremely helpful in developing empathy and positive lines of communication throughout a project (such as your brand development).

Understanding this information will illuminate your working relationships!

Have your team take the PEAK Self Analysis today and start creating your own PEAK SOLUTION!

Quiz me! I want to know my PEAK!

PEAK SOLUTION integrates 100% with all MarkBrand Group brand tools and enterprise technologies  like GENr8, IN2IT and X8, so it utilizes the Prometheus Universal Process Map, and similar vocabulary and concepts you learn in understanding PEAK process roles and the PEAK SOLUTION apply to many relationships and situations throughout business, and life.

To find out more about PEAK process roles, the PEAK SOLUTION or how to apply these tools to your breakthrough brand development please take the test or contact us now.

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